Think you want to be a wildlife veterinarian?

What Exactly Is A Wildlife Veterinarian?

A wildlife veterinarian is a new type of doctor who cares for sick or injured non-domesticated animals. For instance, a wildlife veterinarian might help take care of sea life after an oil spill. Or you might help bring a forest back to life after a fire.

No Puppies

When you’re a wildlife veterinarian, you won’t be spending your time taking care of sick kittens or de-clawing puppies.

No Boredom

Don’t spend your time waiting for an old lady to bring in her poodle. As a wildlife veterinarian you’ll get out into nature.

No Fleas

Fleas and rabies don’t interest a wildlife veterinarian. They deal with the bigger stuff that’s affecting our planet.

Being a wildlife veterinarian means sometimes you'll have to go out in the snow to care for a sick animal during winter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does is take to become a wildlife veterinarian?

Usually about 4 years.

Can I apply through this site?

No, currently we provide information about becoming a wildlife veterinarian only.

Is becoming a wildlife veterinarian hard?

Yes, it’s a medical degree so it’s very competitive.

Does this job pay very well?

Yes, it’s a specialized job with a very decent income. However, a wildlife veterinarian certainly isn’t paid like a surgeon.

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